ClieSkinner 1.61

Graffiti and statusbar skin loader for Clies

ClieSkinner is an instant virtual graffiti and statusbar skin loader for NR, NX, NZ, TH and UX model Clies. Completely free with free source code (BSD license)!

Includes many features, such as:

Instant loading

No reset is needed to load new skins--you see them instantly! (A reset is needed when ClieSkinner is installed, de-installed, or its 16-bit setting is changed.)

Support Landscape utility

On an NX/NZ/TH with Mobile-Stream's excellent Landscape utility, you can load specially designed rotated skins for different screen orientations, and the skins will switch instantly as the screen rotates. (See readme.html for instructions.)

16-bit support

Graffiti and statusbar skins used to be 8-bit which resulted in low quality, especially for photo skins. Now graffiti and statusbar skins can be in brilliant full 16-bit color. (Only in full version and in shareware version in trial period.)


Load NR skins on NX, NZ and TH models. Load NX/NZ/TH skins on NR models. (Not available on UX because of different arrangement of graffiti and statusbar areas.) This includes features to automatically generate resources that your model needs but that the original skin may lack, like CF icons when loading an NX60 skin on an NX80 model.

Memory stick support

Save memory by storing all your skins except the currently loaded data on a memory stick, compact flash card or UX internal media storage. Move all your skins at once there. (Only in full version and in shareware version in trial period.)

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ClieSkinner 1.61

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